Authenti-ssey: offer a unique online authentication experience to each user

Create a 100% user-friendly online platform. Simply authenticate users with their face and guarantee a high level of security.

With the Authenti-ssey solution, say goodbye to passwords. Enter a world where the face becomes the only access key to the digital world.

Go to the next level and offer an experience that is closer to your customers’ expectations while guaranteeing maximum data access security.

The face to authenticate :
what could be more simple and secure ?

The use and access to digital services and applications are constantly growing. In a constant quest for time optimization, ease of use and security, it is important to offer secure and seamless remote access solutions to users.

PIN-keys of your lucky number, passwords formatted with your birthdate, security questions asking for your pet’s name… are no longer of use! So what could be more incredible than offering the face the power to open the door to the digital world? It feels like magic, but it’s real, thanks to technology based on facial biometrics. With Authenti-ssey, offer the most reliable and unique remote access experience.

Get the only authentication service
that makes every user happy and blocks all fraudsters

service d’authentification

How do you know if the person behind the screen is the one entitled to access your platform? And above all, how can you be sure of this in complete confidence, without hindering the user experience?

Authenti-ssey gives you the answer. It only requires the user to take a simple video selfie of less than a second, from any device. Is that all it takes?


But on the other hand, our algorithms are hard at work! In less than five seconds, thanks to a facial comparison, they verify that this live video matches the user’s reference photo (i.e. his or her presumed identity). Is that all? No way! At the same time, they also make sure that the person claiming their identity is physically present in front of the screen. This is called passive liveness detection. Fraudsters can move on. Attacking our system, whether by presenting a photo, a video screen or a 2D/3D mask, will be a lost cause.

With Authenti-ssey : selfie, ready… access!
And in total security.

Authenti-ssey confirms that the person initiating the access request is the pre-registered owner of the account, thanks to a biometric verification that blocks any fraudulent access.

Magic you say? Algorithmic!

Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Tom has an account on your platform and has previously submitted a reference photo for his profile. He would like to re-access
  2. He takes a video selfie of less than a second.
  1. Immediately, Authenti-ssey’s algorithms compare its video selfie to its reference photo (i.e. the alleged identity)
  2. SpeedyUni delivers results in less than five seconds! Here, the person physically present behind the screen is indeed the one who was previously entered as the legitimate owner of the account. The request is validated by biometric verification and Tom can therefore access the platform easily and securely.

Offer secure and optimized authentication on your platform, for all your users and infinitely!

Authenti-ssey, with care, adapts to your needs

Authenti-ssey provides you with an identity control and validation system that can meet all your users’ needs:

  • access to a customer area
  • resetting a password  
  • retrieving an online account
  • change a data on their user account
  • validation of an online transaction
  • … 

And as varied as these needs are, Authenti-ssey integrates with the authentication experience you wish to set up, at each step.

Identity of your new customers has never been more secure!

Facial biometrics as an additional authentication factor

Complement an existing authentication system, where the face becomes a new security factor for your platform.

Authenti-ssey adds an extra layer of security to your remote access process with a unique, fast and secure biometric verification.

For your customers, this means maximum data protection and, above all, greater trust in the use of your services.

Towards a 100% biometric authentication system

Opt for a 100% biometric path, where the face becomes the only authentication factor to your platform.

Authenti-ssey optimizes access to your platform with a simple video selfie; while protecting it with its powerful facial comparison and life detection algorithms.

For your customers, it’s a secure remote authentication experience with tenfold ease of access to your services, simply through their face.

In a nutshell, facial biometric authentication:
optimal user experience and enhanced security

Based on a video selfie
of less than a second

Secured by facial comparison and
passive liveness detection

Works on
all devices

Results in less
than 5 secondes

Efficient against
identity fraud

Swift and easy
integration to your platform