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Your face is your new password

By Sophie D., 04/19/2022

In this article from La Jaune et la Rouge magazine, find the interview in which Yassine Mountacif, director and founder of UNISSEY, takes us on the progress of UNISSEY since its creation in 2018 until today.

Yassine’s Interview

Interview Yassine

We look back at Yassine’s journey from when he graduated to the creation of UNISSEY. The context of the startup’s creation, the solutions provided by the facial biometric technology it develops as well as the different problems it addresses.

Here is a preview of the interview:

What was the context of the creation of UNISSEY?

After my time at École Polytechnique and my master’s degree in entrepreneurship at Berkeley, I launched the project when I graduated. The idea was to work mainly on measuring physiological parameters of a person without any contact. The idea was to measure the heart and breathing rate, through a camera. From there, we realized in 2019 that our technology could ensure that the person in front of a camera is physically present. It thus addresses a real problem in the world of identity and biometrics: facing and reducing fraud and identity theft.

Our ambition was therefore to strengthen the camera by giving it “super powers” that allow it to detect and block fraud by ensuring that the alleged user is indeed the one present in front of the camera.

And that’s how Unissey was born. We spent two full years researching and developing the best solution to position ourselves in the digital identity market and as an expert in facial biometrics. This positioning allows us to tackle the growing challenges of security against digital fraud and optimization of the end-user experience.

Yassine Mountacif, Founder and CEO of UNISSEY

Click on the following link to access the whole interview:

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