eKY-ssey: The solution for setting up a complete, simple and 100% secure eKYC process

An end to end solution offering remote and secure access from the first step of the identity verification process.

Verify the identity of new customers with eKY-ssey the moment they login to your services. Based upon document and biometric verification, this eKYC process offers your users an unparalleled experience: procedures that can be carried out in complete autonomy, wherever, whenever.

Let’s think ahead and open the way to a secure and 100% remote connection!

A complete verification process:
from ID document to facial biometrics.

Ensure the authenticity of the identity document submitted

With a document fraud detection solution, quickly verify the authenticity of your customers’ identity documents in real time.

Confirm the biometric identity of your new customers

biometric verification

eKY-ssey ensures that the person in the ID document photo is identical to the person taking the video selfie of less than one second. Facial matching and life detection algorithms work hand in hand to provide the highest level of security and block identity fraud.

Our facial biometric technology guarantees a high level of trust at every stage of the customer relationship. A 100% remote experience in line with the applicable regulations in your sector.

With eKY-ssey, onboard a new client in just a few minutes!

biometric verification process

eKY-ssey checks the identity of a new user through a biometric verification process that fights against all frauds.

  1. Alice submits a copy of her official identity document (passport, identity card, driver’s license, residence permit, etc.), which authenticity is checked.
  2. Alice takes selfie video of less than one second.
biometric verification process
  1. eKY-ssey’s algorithms step in and verify that it is the right person (facial comparison between the video selfie and the photo on the reference identity document), and also that it is the right person in front of the screen (passive detection of the living person). All this in less than five seconds! #SpeedyUni
  2. If identity is verified, access to services can be securely given to Alice.

Identity of your new customers
has never been more secure!

Offer a unique access experience,
from the get-go.

Meeting your users’ expectations at the best time, means giving them the opportunity to access your services as soon as they get in touch.

Simplicity :

100% digital, the connection is made remotely and from any device (mobile, tablet, computer).

Fluidity :

provided with an identity document and thanks to a simple video selfie of less than a second, the user follows each step of the onboarding process with clear explanations.


the double identity verification system guarantees the user a unique and validated digital identity.

Choose an eKYC process that optimizes your customer relationship and resource allocation

Thanks to the transposition of traditional KYC processes into a 100% online process, Securi-ssey means:

  • Reducing costs and bureaucracy. Focus on what matters most!
  • Significant time savings. It no longer takes weeks to verify the identity of your new users. No more waiting for one service or another. Everything is checked and approved online, in just a few minutes.
  • A surge in customer conversion rate. A particularly intuitive, almost instantaneous digital onboarding process bringing a lower bounce rate and a higher retention rate.