Facial biometric verification.
Whoever. Wherever.

A person, a face, a certainty. Designed by Unissey for a seamless, secure and intuitive experience.

For the end user:

Simplicity is everything

A smooth and intuitive experience, with a simple video selfie, no additional movements required

Less than one second acquisition time and almost instantaneous results

Universal technology: anywhere, anytime, from any device, and without discrimination

For you:

Trust and effectiveness

Enhanced security with robust and certified liveness and facial matching algorithms

A French technology thought and designed to protect personal data

A simple and fast integration, designed to facilitate the work of your developers

Our technology in action

A secured authentication system and a unique user experience

Uni sees a twofold solution for your safety

Liveness Detection

Checks that the alleged user is really present in front of the camera and that it is not an attempt at identity fraud.
It is a system that blocks any fraudster who tries to simulate the presence of a person whose identity he wants to impersonate (especially by presenting a printed photo, photo or video on screen, 2D/3D mask, etc.).
Our solution is completely passive, no action is required from the user when taking the video selfie.

Face comparison

The video selfie is compared to a reference photo of the user to confirm the biometric match.
This reference photo can be extracted from several sources: passport or ID card photo taken in real time or stored in a device or server.
A highly effective technology against identity fraud.

Our technology in a few words…

Works on
any device

Selfie video of
less than 1 second

Swift and easy


No additional
movement required 

Effective against any
attempt at fraud


User view

Unissey offers a seamless and frictionless user experience:

Guided through the whole process

Easy-to-use with passive liveness detection

Fast and highly accurate results

Admin view

Analyse and monitor the use of our solution with:

A dedicated platform with access to detailed reports

An overview of all verifications performed

A specific interface for manual checking

User interface
Web & Mobile
A simple, intuitive and guided acquisition path
facial biometric verification
Ready, steady … SELFIE
facial biometric verification
Just one sec and it’s a wrap!
facial biometric verification
Our algorithms provide you with instant results
facial biometric verification
Don’t be jealous, our solution fits all profiles and devices
Admin Dashboard
Clear and precise information with a global view of your verifications
facial biometric verification
Get all the data you need, in a blink of an eye
Go into further details when needed
facial biometric verification
SDK, API…..Kesako Uni? Find the answer here.
Our expertise
adapted to different use cases
We assist you in the development of your projects
Check user authenticity


Check user authenticity

Go for a full eKYC process


Go for a full eKYC process

Provide a unique online access experience


Provide a unique online access experience

Our strategic partners
in the fight against identity theft

UNISSEY partners with LUMINESS (previously known as JOUVE) to provide a complete solution against any attempt at fraud and identity theft. The Unissey solution reinforces LUMINESS’s existing identification process and is integrated as a biometric solution. The verification of documents by facial biometry is instantaneous and entirely passive, i.e. without any movement required by the end user.

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Edokial partner

UNISSEY and ÉDOKIAL are combining their expertise to offer a complete identity verification service for customer transactions. From document compliance and authenticity to identity verification using facial biometrics, this new offer streamlines the customer experience and strengthens the fight against online fraud. The goal of the partnership between ÉDOKIAL and UNISSEY is to provide an innovative approach to a complete remote identity verification while ensuring a high-level of trust and security for the digital world. 

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