Frequently Asked Questions

Functional questions 

How to test the solution?

Do you have a dedicated back-office to validate authentications?

What types of identity attacks and frauds do you counter?

What is the acquisition time of liveness video?

What types of devices are supported by your solution?

Is your solution available in multiple languages?

Does your solution work for any user in the world?

Do you have a certified liveness solution?

Is your solution as effective outdoors as it is inside?

What is your position in relation to the PVID standard recently published by ANSSI & eIDAS?

Does the Unissey solution comply with GDPR regulations?

Are authentications verified by a human?

Technical questions

What kind of data do you collect and train for your solution?

How is biometric data stored?

Do you detect users wearing surgical masks?

Is your solution easy to integrate?

What types of browsers are supported?

Does the solution work with a virtual machine?

Do you record on audiotape when acquiring a video?

Does your solution allow video capture of identity documents?