Marketplaces with certified sellers for safe shopping.

Confirm the identity of members accessing your online sales platform to ensure a secure end-to-end remote purchase.

Create a better payment and shopping experience for your marketplace users with fast, intelligent biometric identity confirmation. Prevent fraud, unlock lost revenue from chargebacks and prevent account theft.

Convert your members
into trusted buyers and sellers.

Prevent to convert!

Preventing the costs of chargebacks in online sales and unlocking potential lost revenue is essential for your marketplace. To do this, you need to provide confidence in the identity of your users, even remotely.

biometric identity confirmation

Facial biometric identity verification is the best solution because it allows you to block fraudulent purchases and promote legitimate ones without burdening the online experience. Thanks to innovative and highly secure facial matching and life detection technology, the user only needs to take a simple video selfie of less than a second for you to ensure that it is the right person (buyer or seller) in front of the screen. 

You can integrate this verification into your current process at any time, from account creation to sale or payment.

More broadly, Uni-xperience certifies the accounts of trusted buyers and sellers to prevent fraud: whether it’s multi-accounts, fake accounts or technical fraud.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Give your customers the best possible user experience.

It is important that your users have full confidence in your platform to multiply transactions (sales and purchases) and attract new members to use it. Each of them must be able to easily log back into their account while being assured that no one can take control of theirs and perform fraudulent actions. Protecting your certified users from fraud, including account theft, is essential.

biometric identity confirmation

Balance these concerns by integrating the facial biometric step into your authentication process, and make their face their new password. With facial biometric authentication, your customers will be able to access your platform from any device (mobile, tablet or computer) securely with a simple video selfie of less than a second. Their entire experience is even faster and smoother than before with the added confidence!

Secure cart, validated cart.

With biometric verification, certify the profiles of your marketplace’s sellers and buyers to improve security on your platform. Prevent account theft, fake profile creation and abusive account multiplication.

A selfie for infinite access.

Make sure a returning user is the same as the one in the original certified account. The face becomes the new password: a selfie and off you go!

To put it simply, facial biometric authentication:
an optimal user experience and enhanced security solution

Based on a video selfie
of less than a second

Secured by facial comparison
and passive liveness detection

Works on
all devices

Results in less
than 5 secondes

Highly effective against
identity fraud attempt

Swift integration
to your platform