Meet our Unique Team !

While empowering access individually, we standout by working together.

Captains of our Odyssey

The UniTeam is graduated from major engineering and business schools but is ABOVE ALL, composed of curious and passionate self-taught people

The common point that drives us in the same direction is curiosity, the quest for technical and strategic challenges and the will to deliver high quality solutions for our society.

We believe that these powerful solutions come from the best of creative and communication thinking. Our strategy scales through highly collaborative and user-first approaches, whether traditional or not.

meet our Uni team

Let’s see behind
the scenes…

 Located in the heart of Paris, Unissey is also:

  • Impactful and empowering jobs.
  • An ambitious team that works in a healthy and simple atmosphere, conducive to fulfillment.
  • An endless knowledge sharing, as we are all unique!
  • Afterworks to take care of our creativity…

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meet our Uni team

You belong with us!

 The needs of our young and fast-growing company are focused around Tech, Artificial Intelligence, but also Business and Product. 

Come on. See what roles are open and maybe you’ll find the perfect match!

Uni-Spoil: Reviewing resumes is that one time we let go all our algorithms and place our human core values at the forefront.

A leading team of great enthusiasts!

Founder & CEO

Yassine Mountacif

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and UC Berkeley, Yassine founded Unissey in 2018. His goal? Empower our unique identities into one universal digital access. Named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, Yassine tripled the Uni-skilled team in one year, attracting top talents from the best universities and companies. And after its first round of financing at €3 million with SEAF fund, better guess this odyssey is just starting!


Super-powered by cookies at all times (and definitely not the ones on the web)


Faouzy Soilihi

After graduating from CentraleSupelec (M. Eng) and HEC Paris (MBA), Faouzy has built an impressive proven track record in new technologies and innovation management. He is a driving force in product and IP development. In 2020, Faouzy joins Unissey as COO. He oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational business processes, from finance to legal, HR and procurement. NB: Cookie et caffeine supply is key to keep everyone on their toes!


Super-powered by running (master at chasing time).



Sébastien Brangoulo

After a PhD in applied mathematics and a post-doctoral position at SFR/Telecom Paris, Sébastien spent more than 11 years working on biometric technologies (face, iris and fingerprint). From business strategy to partnerships and European funded projects, he is fueled by the biometrics potion since long. In 2021, Sébastien brings his expertise at Unissey, as Chief Revenue Officer. He oversees revenue generation, managing products, marketing, communication and sales.


Super-powered by cafeine, cafeine and … cafeine ! rPPG can’t even follow the pace.


Olivier Roblin

Olivier graduated from Supélec and then worked for more than 20 years in different startups in the audio and cell phone fields. Always looking up for innovation heart-racing moves, he joined Unissey in 2019 to take charge of product development and the technical team. Olivier creates the conditions to fluidify the processes and ensures the stability of the solution. He enables engineers to meet the technological challenges this odyssey brings up!


Super-powered by mountain bike (computing velocity and slope for optimum off-road riding).

Senior sales

Edwin Leveau

Graduated from Kedge Business School in International Business, Edwin studied in the USA, England and in Spain. Back to our beautiful country, he worked for six years as a Sales Manager in various technical fields, especially in RoboticsStrengthened by his multiple experiences in complex international sales, he joined Unissey in 2021 to take the experience even further!


Superpowered by: jokes, rugby and some way too complicated music

Lead Computer vision Engineer

Sheng Fang

After a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the Sorbonne Université, Sheng worked three years as the technical leader in a young startup before joining Unissey in 2020 as Lead Developer of the face recognition system. He is always focusing on computer vision and machine learning. He has 10 years research and professional experiences in the field of biometrics since 2011.


Super-powered by: stopping, relaxing and rethinking always bring different ideas

Business developer

Mansour Niang

With a degree in Business Development, Mansour finds pleasure in bringing his knowledge and experience to the service of clients. He will join the team in September 2021. He is driven by a huge desire to learn from others in order to better contribute to the development of Unissey.


Superpowered by: his favorite animal, the crocodile, which symbolizes calmness and patience.

AI Product Manager

Sophie Finet

Attracted by technological innovations and computer vision, Sophie joined Unissey in the spring of 2020, to strengthen the fast-growing R&D team. Prior to joining Unissey, she has worked a couple of years in London as a health economist. She graduated from the University of Cambridge (UK) and resumed her studies after her work experience in London by undertaking a MS in Data Science at l’ENSAE. She is now AI product manager at Unissey, and helps coordinate the R&D efforts and ensure they are aligned with the business requirements and overall strategy.


Super-powered by travelling by train, low or fast-paced she fits in all!

Marketing & Communications Manager

Sophie De Martres

Graduated from IESEG School of Management, Sophie trained in various business professions and never stopped learning ! In turn, she has worked as a Sales and Events Manager, a Branding Assistant and a Digital Project Manager. Always eager for new challenges, Sophie found her perfect fit as Marketing and Communications Manager at Unissey. Spreading a better and deeper understanding of deeptech technologies to its community is a challenge like no other. Passionate about creative tools and communication best tactics, this position offers her the perfect mission : create a powerful brand identity and bring it to life each and every day!


Super-powered by: Tropical sunshine. A daily dose of vitamin D and I’m off to go!


Computer Vision Engineer

Mohamed Bejaoui

Graduated from CentraleSupélec, Mohamed is a Computer Vision engineer at Unissey. During his college studies, he built his experience around innovative technologies. Before joining Unissey, Mohamed worked as a Data Engineer in a digital marketing start-up in Paris. He also had Data Science experience in a circular fashion start-up in Singapore.


Superpowered by: a mango sticky rice


Customer success & Product owner

Laura Righi

Graduated from Paris Dauphine University, Laura has worked on AI projects within large consulting groups and for banking and financial clients. She has accompanied teams in different activities such as IT project management, change management and product representation. She joins the Unissey team in 2021 as Product Owner and follows up on all customer collaborations.


Super-powered by: Some good music to start the day!

Management Controller

Mariéta Fall

After graduating with a BTS (technical qualifications) in Accounting and Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management, she is currently in her final year of a Master’s degree program in Audit and Management. She joined Unissey as a Management Controller. She is passionate about Languages and Finance. “My objective is to set up an efficient management system to improve the relationship between deployed funds and the results that have been achieved . She is consistent and dedicated in achieving her goals.


Super-powered by: Chocolate


Software Engineer

Romain Cendre

With a background in computer science engineering and a recent PhD in computer science, Romain is looking for challenges to put his skills in the field to the test. Romain just joined Unissey in 2021 in order to bring his double expertise in computer science and research to the R&D team.


Super-powered by: sugar, coffee and…high-spirited colleagues, probably the best way to stay motivated!