Dating sites with certified profiles, in a simple way.

Bring trust to the identity of each profile, making it a central part of the experience on your platform.

With the utmost transparency, give your members the opportunity to confirm their identity on your platform. Based on a simple video selfie of less than a second, the fast and secure certification of profiles by biometric verification helps to install a climate of trust within your community. Continuously, this modern authentication solution provides a better user experience from any device. A secure and accessible dating site attracts users who want to stay!

Facial biometrics
to support a trusted community.

La biométrie faciale à l’appui d’une communauté de confiance.

One of the keys to the success of an affinity-based dating platform is the level of trust it inspires in its users. The question is systematic: is the person in front of the screen the same as the one advertised on the profile? You must be able to give this level of reliability to all the profiles present in your community, while being at a distance.

confirm the identity

So how do you provide this guarantee while making it easy for your users to certify their profile? Uni-xperience has the answer! With its technology based on facial biometrics, this solution confirms the identity of a new user against the one claimed on his profile thanks to a video selfie of less than a second.

Fight against fraudsters and fake accounts,
while rewarding certified profiles.

confirm the identity

With this simple and straightforward verification path, you can confirm the identity of your site’s members the first time. Drive away fraudsters and raise the level of trust in your platform by ensuring that its members can certify their profile securely and quickly. It’s a guarantee of trust and transparency for both you and your users. Uni-xperience creates a climate of serenity that will attract more people to your platform… for more dating opportunities!

Selfie, ready… Access! And more if affinities…

With an innovative technology based on facial biometric authentication, not only can the user certify his profile in one go, but he can also access your platform instantly from his mobile, tablet or computer. With Authenti-ssey, thanks to a video selfie of less than a second, your user can easily access your services. A fast and secure access experience that improves user retention. The promise of a long love affair between you!

One account for a single user.

Certify unique profiles and enhance your platform security with biometric verification. Prevent fake profiles and account abuse.

A selfie for infinite access.

Make sure a returning user is the same as the one in the original certified account.
The face becomes the new password: a selfie and off you go!

To put it simply, facial biometric authentication:
an optimal user experience and enhanced security solution

Based on a video selfie
of less than a second

Secured by facial comparison
and passive liveness detection

Works on
all devices

Results in less
than 5 secondes

Highly effective against
identity fraud attempt

Swift integration
to your platform