Online gambling accessible to players with verified and controlled identity.

Verify the identity of players while providing a secure and remote access to your platform, from the first round of game

With full control, verify the identity of new players as soon as their profile is created and maintain this level of security for every remote access. With document and biometric verification, you accept only genuine, verified players into your community. Later, you can also offer biometric authentication as an innovative user access experience from anywhere with a simple video selfie.

Check users’ ages, welcome legitimate players and block all fraudsters.

Through a comprehensive identity verification and automated access review of your platform, you verify the legitimacy of each player’s access. Once the document authenticity verification is complete (with a selected offer according to your needs), our solution will guarantee the facial match of the document with the player. You ensure that the person physically present in front of the screen is indeed the owner of the identity documents presented.

Build a trusted community with your players, while fighting against identity fraud

verify the identity

Verifying the identity of your players with eKY-ssey is giving them the guarantee that fake accounts are blocked from the very first access. Reassuring the authenticity of profiles on an online gaming platform has never been easier or more secure. Documentary and biometric verification ensures that the associated user account is double-checked for transparency and security within your community. A climate of trust is guaranteed!

Keep it fun and friendly with every access to your platform!

verify the identity

Thanks to Authenti-ssey, your players can access your gambling platform with a simple video selfie of less than a second, from any device! Our solution is directly integrated into your platform and customer journey. It is functional in both web and mobile environments.

Compared to the reference photo ID, our solution allows us to verify that the player in front of the screen is the one who has been pre-registered and validated. At any time, and remotely, you can give autonomous access to your online gambling platform.

This authentication process simplifies your players’ access to your platform and guarantees a safe management of their money and data.

Seamless identity

Accept legitimate players and improve the security of your platform with biometric verification linked to document verification.

Continuous, secured

Ensure that a returning player is the one that was previously verified.

Maintain the same level of security with routine biometric verification.

Modern biometric

Players expect a fast authentication experience.
Reduce the number of clicks and actions they have to do to play again.
One selfie and they’re in!

To put it simply, facial biometric authentication:
an optimal user experience and enhanced security solution

Based on a video selfie
of less than a second

Secured by facial comparison
and passive liveness detection

Works on
all devices

Results in less
than 5 secondes

Highly effective against
identity fraud attempt

Swift integration
to your platform