A technology with a human face

By Sophie D., 03/02/2022

Unissey grants an interview to Villa numeris to answer questions about its advances and the very promising future of its facial biometric authentication technology.

Sébastien and Sophie’s interview


A simple video selfie of less than a second and that’s it, you’re authenticated! Facial biometric authentication, an AI-based solution developed by the young startup is still in its infancy but already promises great success. A high-level technology that focuses on the user experience, offering a smooth, secure and fast use. A future in the digital world very secure and full of confidence.

In this interview, Sébastien Brangoulo, Director of Development, and Sophie De Martres, Marketing and Communication Manager at Unissey, answer the questions of the Villa Numeris journalists and give us more details on the specific mission of Unissey, owner of a technology that will revolutionize the digital world defined by French codes.

“Today, it is undeniable that the regulatory changes we are making in France and in Europe are moving in the direction of essential digital sovereignty. But they must carry more weight at the international level in order to harmonize and not induce economic sacrifice to private operators. We need to find a balance that encourages the emergence of talents on the European soil.”

Sébastien Brangoulo, CRO at UNISSEY

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