Deepsense touts ethical, forgery-proof facial recognition authentication solution

By Sophie D., 01/18/2022

Ethics and robustness are the foundations of Unissey’s facial biometric solution. A technology that focuses on the user experience and offers a high level of security. A life detection system that complies with all applicable standards.

Article about the rPPG sensor

Unissey, a startup specializing in the development of a facial biometric solution, is pushing the research even further. It is with Yannick Benezeth, teacher researcher at the University of Burgundy, that Unissey launches an innovation to complete its already very efficient solution. The idea is to add an additional security brick to strengthen the algorithms and increase the robustness of its current technology. More than facial comparison, this technology, the rPPG for “remote PhotoPlethysmoGraphy”, would allow to detect the presence of a user thanks to his heart activity through a simple video selfie.

Increased security yes, and in the respect of the protection of the users, it is certain! Unissey wants to be unique in its field by providing a forgery-proof solution in compliance with French and European standards. A way to stand out on the national and international scene. The magazine L’usine Digitale dedicates an entire article to this innovation and describes its specificities and how it will be a revolution for the years to come.

Are you curious about the rPPG? Then we invite you to click on the link below to learn more.

“It’s a new security and confidence building block for our liveness detection’ engine. It completes the face matching which allows to check the concordance between the user’s selfie and the photo sent by a banking institution for example.”

S├ębastien Brangoulo, CRO at UNISSEY

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