Facial recognition: you will finally understand everything

By Sophie D., 01/24/2022

In a world that is moving towards total digitization, facial recognition is at the heart of all the debates. But what does this mean in practice? In this podcast, Sébastien, Director of Development at Unissey, gives you all the details you need to understand and better address the issue.

Sébastien’s interview about Facial recognition

Sébastien Brangoulo, Director of Development at Unissey, answers questions about biometrics and, more specifically, facial recognition, in Jérôme Colombain’s podcast “Monde Numérique”. But how does it work exactly? Why don’t all smartphones offer the same level of trust? Why does facial recognition raise ethical questions? 

So many questions that are on the agenda because biometrics is at the heart of our daily lives and is becoming increasingly widespread. Indeed, smartphones are equipped with it and today leaving home without a wallet and money is becoming the norm. How does it work? A simple recording of a video selfie compared to a reference photo (ID, profile photo) or a photo stored in a database and the facial recognition protection is activated. Everything then becomes fluid: unlocking your smartphone, accessing your online accounts, and even shopping! It’s fast, secure, very secure because there is only one face, yours, and it is not easy to hack.

In this podcast, Sébastien answers the various questions in detail and discusses the different types of biometrics: identification, authentication, verification…

You have less than 20 minutes and you want to know everything about facial recognition?

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