How does Deepsense use your pulse to make sure you’re not a robot?

By Sophie D., 01/24/2022

Deepsense renamed Unissey, the young French start-up specializing in facial biometric authentication goes even further in its expertise and proposes a possible new innovation to strengthen its technology, in collaboration with the University of Bourgogne.

Yassine’s interview about the rPPG sensor

Unissey takes a step forward in technological research and unveils its new discovery. In an interview with Maddyness, Yassine Mountacif, director and founder of Unissey, gives us more details about the next step in the field of facial biometrics. The young startup, which until now has specialized in facial recognition, has set itself a new challenge: to strengthen its solution with the detection of an additional physiological parameter: heart rate. A revolution in this field, a way to strengthen its algorithms and bring an additional layer of security to its technology.

How does it work? More than the detection of the living, with this technology it will not be enough to authenticate or verify the identity with a simple selfie. The detection of a heartbeat will allow to know if the person whose identity is claimed is the one present in front of the camera and thus block the fraudsters who present photos or videos on screen or even the use of 3D masks. The solution will analyze everything very closely, so fraud will have no place anywhere. We are talking about 100% guaranteed and unmatched security.

To learn more, follow this link to read the full interview on the Maddyness website:

“The degree of security is necessarily higher when it comes to authenticating a physical person based on physiological parameters rather than using facial recognition alone.”

Yassine Mountacif, CEO and Founder of UNISSEY

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