Startup Unissey passes biometric presentation attack detection test, first by French lab CLR

By Sophie D., 01/18/2022

Unissey has just passed the ISO/IEC 30107 test of the French laboratory Cabinet Louis Reynaud (CLR). This certification makes the facial biometric solution compliant with the standards for level 1 of PAD (presentation attack detection).

Article about the CLR evaluation

How can we be sure that the technology developed is compliant and robust enough to be launched on the market? We test it, of course! And Unissey’s facial biometric solution has just passed level 1 of the ISO/IEC 30107 standards of the Cabinet Louis Reynaud (CLR) laboratory.

A test that confirms that the facial recognition technology developed by the young startup is compliant and that the algorithms in place are robust and can resist any fraud attempt. Several tests were carried out, including attacks with printed photos, 3D masks and presentation of biometric data of various demographic subjects.

“We are very proud to be working with the CLR lab and to benefit from their immense expertise in biometrics. This aligns with our approach to continually challenge the performance of our algorithms.”

olivier robin, cto at unissey

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