The new face of identity verification

By Sophie D., 03/02/2022

Securing access to the digital world, a few words that we find everywhere since the beginning of the pandemic. The world is changing and it is time to ask the right questions. In this article published in Informations Entreprise magazine, Yassine, Director and Founder of UNISSEY, and Sophie, Marketing and Communication Manager at UNISSEY, answer the most common questions about facial biometric technology.

Sophie and Yassine’s interview

Vérification d'identité

Between 2019 and 2020, 53% of companies reported falling victim to identity fraud. Despite these numbers, we observe that 85% of digital players have already adopted identity verification technologies. A market that will continue to grow in the coming years. But what can be done to strengthen identity verification technologies?

Yassine Mountacif, CEO and founder of UNISSEY, wants to respond adequately to the digitalization of our lifestyles. The solution developed by the startup is at the forefront of innovation, ready to meet the imminent needs. It comes at the right time in this period of pandemic where everything is done online. Protecting end-users and ensuring total trust between digital actors is more than a mission, it’s a duty.

“From financial institutions to insurance companies, online gaming platforms to dating APPs… almost every market today needs to verify the identity of its users. That being said, when we look at their feedback, several friction points remain; mainly, the lack of fluidity appears to be the major problem. In this sense, we have developed a solution capable of rectifying this. Based on a video selfie of less than a second, it offers its user a fluid, simple and smooth experience.”

Yassine Mountacif, CEO & Founder of UNISSEY

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