We block identity theft attempts in less than 5 seconds

By Sophie D., 01/24/2022

The Unissey solution against any fraud attempt in the digital world in less than 5 seconds. The revolution we have all been waiting for in the digital age. But what is it exactly?

Yassine and S├ębastien’s interview about Unissey’s technology

Yassine Mountacif, director and founder of Unissey, and S├ębastien Brangoulo, director of development, answer Futura Tech‘s questions and give more details on the facial biometrics technology developed within Unissey.

What is it really about? What are the most frequent use cases in everyday life? So many questions that we ask ourselves about this novelty that promises to change our habits and especially our interactions in the digital world.

Close your eyes and imagine a world in which passwords are replaced by your face. No need to scratch your head to remember them, in a simple selfie of less than a second, you can access all your online services. Yes, the startup Unissey is on a mission to bring this dream to reality in order to bring security and convenience to the digital world. Ordering sushi online, connecting to your account to make money transfers or booking your next flight to Tokyo, all these transactions will be done in the greatest serenity and in compliance with the data protection laws in force on the French and European territory.

“We are constantly updating our algorithm and adding bricks as soon as we identify new types of attacks.”


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