What are the issues and priorities of Unissey?

By Sophie D., 03/01/2022

Unissey, a young startup specializing in facial recognition biometrics, founded in 2018 aims to carry a solution for more secure interactions in the digital world. Sébastien Brangoulo, Director of Development at Unissey, gives us more details on the challenges and priorities of the young company.

Sébastien interviewed by Jean-Marc Sylvestre

Sébastien Brangoulo, Director of Development at Unissey, answers questions from the general public about facial biometrics on Jean-Marc Sylvestre’s BSMART program. Better known as “facial recognition”, this technology is now part of our daily lives. Indeed, smartphones are already equipped with it to increase the level of security, especially in case of theft and various fraud attempts.

Unissey intends to bring its service and extend it to other use cases to facilitate transactions in the digital world and build user trust. Several customers are in its sights and among them banks, insurance companies, Fintechs, online sales sites and all services that require a high security system.

The young startup’s ambition is to be the provider of a system that will improve the daily life of users while respecting their privacy by applying the applicable laws on the protection of data and individual liberties.

Do you have 5 minutes? To listen to Sébastien’s interview, click here:

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