Uni-xperience: the best profile check to build trust and loyalty

Assess the identity of your users, while simplifying their access to your services.

The Uni-xperience solution allows you to confirm the identity of members who access your platform. Based on biometric verification, this process builds trust and provides a better user experience.

A better controlled and secure platform attracts visitors who want to stay!

A certified profile with facial biometric verification.

Make sure the creator of the profile
is who he claims to be.

Uni-xperience takes care of everything. The user takes a video selfie of less than a second and our algorithms perform a facial comparison with their reference photo, i.e. their alleged identity! Our technology goes even further by making sure that the person claiming his identity is physically in front of the screen. This is, passive liveness detection!

A guarantee of trust and transparency for you and your users.

Uni-xperience helps you block fake profiles from the first time you log in. Authenticating a profile has never been easier or more secure. A simple video selfie can certify the associated user account, for greater transparency and security within your community.

One word: Reinsurance!

Build trust online,
by actively fighting identity fraud.

biometric verification

Uni-xperience confirms that a new user is who he/she claims to be, using biometric verification to block fraudulent account creation.

Did you say ambitious?
Let’s get into it:

  1. Sarah registers on your platform and submits a reference photo to her profile.
  2. She takes a video selfie of less than a second. 
biometric verification
  1. Immediately, Uni-xperience’s algorithms compare his video selfie to her reference photo (i.e. the claimed identity)
  2. SpeedyUni delivers results in less than five seconds! Here, the uploaded profile photo matches the person physically present in front of the screen. Sarah’s profile is certified by biometric verification.

Confirm client user accounts on your platform, in one go!

Deliver a unique customer experience

  • A process to be completed from any device
  • A simple, step-by-step guided video selfie
  • A validation in less than 5 seconds

The user accesses your platform with ease just by presenting his/her face. A fast and secure user experience that improves the retention rate. They will come, and never leave!

Build a trusted community

  • Certify users without any loopholes
  • Prevent the creation of fake profiles
  • Stop abusive account multiplication

A climate of serenity that attracts more people to your platform. Get ready for the high traffic rate!