A secure and practical vehicle renting service for experienced drivers

Verify the identity of renters while allowing an easy access to your services.

With a personalized process, verify the real identity of new drivers from the moment they request access to your services until they enter the vehicle. It is based on documentary and biometric verification. This is an on-demand offer to be added to your existing system. Maximum control on your side and an unparalleled experience for the user with procedures that can be carried out wherever he is and in complete autonomy.

Lead the way to a secure and 100% remote renter relationship!

Traffic on the road, that’s a given.
A fast and easy onboarding process for renters, that’s guaranteed.

The vehicle rental industry has its own regulations which are of utmost importance. However, it should not slow down your processes. The big reward comes with the acceleration of the customer onboarding process and convenience. Once the necessary identity documents have been checked before booking, a driver registered on your platform must be able to access the vehicle on the day in an autonomous, fast and secure way.

Confirm driver identity
with facial biometric verification

identity verification

One selfie…and on the road!

What could possibly be more secure than authenticating a user with their face? Using a simple video selfie of less than a second and a reference photo ID allows our solution to check that the renter is exactly who he or she claims to be. Day or night, and remotely, you can make your mobility offer a smooth and autonomous experience while being sure to give access to the right person.

A personalized verification process,
that fits your requirements…

Onboard a new driver in just few minutes with eKY-ssey

eKY-ssey is an end-to-end solution that remotely checks the identity of a new driver.  It is a complete verification process for the authenticity of the identity document linked with biometric verification that blocks all fraud.

With Authenti-ssey , selfie, ready… roll! And in complete safety.

Authenti-ssey confirms that the person wishing to access the vehicle is the one pre-registered on your platform, thanks to a biometric verification that blocks any fraudulent access.

identity verification process

Did you say magic? Algorithmic !

  1. Tom has reserved a vehicle on your platform and has previously submitted an official identification document containing her reference photo. She now wishes to access her vehicle.
  2. It takes her less than 1 second to record a selfie video
identity verification process algorithms analysis and results

  1. Immediately, Authenti-ssey’s algorithms compare its video selfie with its reference photo (i.e. the claimed identity)
  2. SpeedyUni gives the results in less than 5 seconds! In this case, the person physically accessing the vehicle is the one who was previously registered as the real driver. The request is validated by biometric verification and Tom can instantly access the vehicle in a simple and secure way.

Offer safe and autonomous access to your vehicles for all your drivers!

To put it simply, facial biometric authentication:
an optimal user experience and enhanced security solution

Based on a video selfie
of less than a second

Secured by facial comparison and passive liveness detection

Works on
all devices

Results in less
than 5 secondes

Highly effective against
identity fraud attempt

Swift integration
to your platform