A new face,
A unique approach
Modern and daring,
our brand reveals its new colors...
And that's the only identity change
our algorithms will let through!
Together, let’s transform
identity verification
Into a seamless and totally secure process.

Our facial biometric authentication solution
Intuitive, fast and universal
Designed for your customers!

A cutting-edge AI-based technology that streamlines and secures any authentication process.
It allows you to remotely authenticate any user from a simple selfie video

A high-performance identity verification solution with high-end facial matching algorithms

A system that fights against identity theft secured by passive liveness detection

A fast and smooth authentication process that requires no additional moves from the user with results in less than one minute

With a swift integration process, it offers universal use from any device and is available to all profiles

A clear answer
to your
use cases

A specific solution that addresses
different issues from all sectors

Support customer onboarding


Support customer onboarding

Authenticate seamlessly


Authenticate seamlessly

Secure digital identity


Secure digital identity

The guarantee of
a robust and
approved solution

Ibeta Level 1

ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 30107-3 – Presentation Attack Detection – Testing and reporting.
Unissey is already evaluated Level 1 and heading up to Level 2 !


Cabinet Louis Reynaud Labs – compliance evaluation on ISO/IEC 30107.
Unissey: the first facial biometric liveness detection solution evaluated Level 1 and heading up to Level 2!


National Institute of Standards and Technology : 1,7% FRR & 10-6 FAR.
State-of-the-art performances validated by our first submission to the NIST.

Liters of coffee ingested by our teams
Second to authenticate a user
1 200 575 452
1 200 575 452
Activated “neurons” within the R&D team
Friction for the user

Our solutions
and expertises
adapted to
your field

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Access control

Access control

Gig economy

Gig economy

Online Marketplace

Online Marketplace



Telecommunications Companies

Telecommunications Companies

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